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WCAP Financial, with our network of funding partners, have helped raise over $500 million in start-up financing for our clients since 2008. We have assisted over 12,000 aspiring entrepreneurs realize their dream of business ownership and are the premier lending partner for over 100 franchise partners and real estate investment groups. We have an A rating with the BBB and ask that you contact our offices directly so we can provide you with literally hundreds of referrals from both clients and partners that refer thousands of clients to us each year.

Please be careful when reviewing so called "complaints" on any of the complaint sites. For example, this particular "complaint" was posted by an unscrupulous competitor with absolutely no track record or integrity, and must resort to making libelous claims in a cowardly attempt to illegitimately gain business. Once you have completed genuine research and ignore bogus, fake online complaints from our competitors, you too will be unequivocal that WCAP Financial is the premier business start-up consulting company with a flawless reputation and unparalleled results.
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Wcap Financial is changing its name from/also does business as Seed Capital (

They are likely changing names probably because they have so many bad reviews associated with, go ahead and look it up, looks like they rip business owners off for thousands. They offer credit/financial services, then open up a bunch of credit cards for you, killing your credit and charging you thousands to do it. Stay away.

I know lots of shady companies have to constantly change their names because their reputations are so awful, so I think it is important to put the info out there whenever it happens. Below is the email I got from them clearly showing the company operates both sites and one of the many reviews from someone who got scammed for thousands by seed capital.

Here is the email I got......

My name is Adam Hoard, I work as a Junior Adviser at WCAP Financial, and we are here to assist you with your business needs. I know that you have been contacted by several different funding companies in regards to your inquiry and we hope that we will have the opportunity to speak with you about our unique program. WCAP Financial has been and continues to be the top high dollar store lender for many well known companies including: Dollar Stores, Subway, 7 Eleven, and top rated shows on HGTV. Please take some time to view our website on to help learn more about the possibilities we can offer to assist you with your dreams.

You have recently expressed interest in an unsecured business line of credit and have been pre-approved for a minimum of $50,000 or more. Below is a brief summary of the funding option we offer: Minimum $50,000 in funding0% interest for at least the first 12 monthsYour business lines of credit grows over timeYou will always have access to this line of credit to use or not use as you see fit

To move forward with the process please click on this link and download a PDF copy of your credit report (A soft pull that WILL NOT negatively affect your credit score). Please email us your personal credit report so we can begin the underwriting process as soon as possible.

Please visit, pull a full credit report and send it back to me.

Since 2008 we have helped thousands of business owner like you obtain over $500 million in funding.

We will contact you within 48 hours to answer any further questions regarding the minimum guarantee of $50,000 in funding that your business has been pre-approved for.

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

Thank you, Adam Hoard

WCAP Financial ServicesCell: 702.581.6727Office: 800.206.0432 Ext:

Here is a complaint I found for Seed Capital....

This company will promise you the moon for you and your company. Yes, they will get ALOT of credit cards secured for you. While they are at it, they will dump your credit score in the toilet and get you in debt up to your eyeballs! They do this for the small sum of $3000.00

Now, if you want to spend another $3000.00 they will promise you the moon AND the stars. They will be your private CONSULTING counselor for a whole year. They will make sure they get their money on one of those new credit cards the moment you get it. That's when they walk away and you will never hear from them again. They are sooooo nice before they get their money, but; ask for a refund and it's a whole different story.

Learn from my VERY VERY expensive mistake. DONT WORK WITH SEED CAPITAL!!! P.S I have been in business for 21 years and I thought I knew what I was doing and by working with them was to make by business bigger and better. I am worse than I started. Just deeper in debt. Stay away.

Reason of review: scammers!!.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Preferred solution: stop ripping people off.

I didn't like: Scam people.

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