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WCAP Financial is the premier small business finance company in Southern Utah and as such conducts a rigorous interview process for ALL perspective employees. Our interview process is admittedly out of the box, however, is modeled after the very interview format utilized by Google; arguably one of the best run companies on the planet.

We have never received anything but positive feedback from our interviewees and it is regretful that someone would use the Pissed Consumer platform illegitimately in order to lash out at our company once we determined she was not an ideal candidate for our staff. This ridiculous review would NEVER have been written if the individual that posted this complaint had been actually hired by WCAP Financial.

Further, it is rather mindblowing that we are even having to respond to this libelous posting which is a thinly veiled attempt of a person with low moral character having a sour grapes moment.
South Jordan, Utah

I had – in my opinion – a very negative experience during a job interview with WCAP Financial in which the majority of the questions asked were completely irrelevant, nonsensical and immature, and where the environment the three ladies conducting the interview set up, made me feel uncomfortable and very upset when I left. These were the questions:

How do you fit an elephant in a refrigerator?

If a penguin walked in the room wearing a tuxedo, what would it say and where is it going?

What song is the soundtrack to your life, and why and would you sing it?

What superhero would you be and why?

What actress would play you in your autobiography and why?

If you were stranded alone on a desert island, what three things would you bring other than food and water?

One or two silly questions are fine, but when I was only asked three relevant questions about the job, and the remainder were these…I just don’t understand the purpose at all.

The ladies who conducted the interview told me that they were not in management or supervisory positions which alarmed me. Why would management not want to meet a potential employee? One of them was not very nice, I don’t know if it was something personal about me that she didn’t like or she was just having a bad day, but she was not impressed about having to contribute to the interview and that made me feel pretty uncomfortable.

After the interview was over, I said goodbye to the three of them and only one of them said anything back to me. That was really hurtful. The whole experience just gave me the impression that none of them really wanted me there, and that the questions where either a means of finding a new friend with a sense of humour or a deliberate way of embarrassing me instead of just saying I wasn’t right for the job. Myself, and the many people I have talked to about my experience cannot think of any other reason why anyone would ask so many questions like that.

A potential employee should be able to walk into an interview where the ones conducting it inspire you to want to work for the company and be a part of their team, but instead I left knowing if I got a phone call back saying I got the job, I’d turn it down.

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Reason of Review / Monetary Loss Very unprofessional interview. / Not specified
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